Hello 2021! I’m Writing Again

I used to write a lot back when I was still in high school. It lasted until the end of my first few years in college. And then I became more sporadic when it comes to writing. This year, I want to get back to my youthful days – those days when I wrote somethingContinue reading “Hello 2021! I’m Writing Again”

Evolving with My Podcast

I started podcasting in March because of having extra time on my hands all of a sudden. The pandemic surely hit us hard, me included. And that’s just really something we can grieve for and be sad about right now. But I also have to acknowledge that the extra time I suddenly had because IContinue reading “Evolving with My Podcast”

Why the Filipino Youth Should Start Learning Foreign Languages Now

When the Philippine education system updated the 10-year primary and high school curriculum into what is called K-12, the Department of Education decided to strategically add foreign language subjects to the curriculum and also implement foreign language programs. I haven’t seen any further data available online regarding this matter aside from the articles that wereContinue reading “Why the Filipino Youth Should Start Learning Foreign Languages Now”

I Decided to Create My Own Podcast in the Midst of Covid-19

The first case of Covid-19 in the Philippines was announced during the first week of March and it has been increasing slowly. Along with this increase, people started working inside their own homes and also started discovering different hobbies and passions they couldn’t do before. For me, it’s podcasting. It has already been about threeContinue reading “I Decided to Create My Own Podcast in the Midst of Covid-19”