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Rome is in MNL is a Filipino-made podcast which I originally started with the main goal of improving my speaking skills while also sharing my takes and learnings on self-improvement, language learning, motivation, and similar topics. For a while now, I have been inviting guests asking them to share their expertise, thinking processes, and ideas regarding different aspects of individual growth and personal development.

Listen to my first podcast episode on Spotify without leaving this page

This episode is still branded as “The Ando Jun Show”. It was how I called my channel when I first started.
In this episode, I shared how I learned four languages: Pangasinan, English, Filipino, and Korean.

Or check out my podcast channel available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor and more.

You may also visit my YouTube channel to see my recent video podcast (vodcast) uploads, as well as the other content I’m producing.

If you’re learning Korean, I have also recently started a Korean ASMR podcast. Listen to my introductory episode below:

My Korean ASMR Podcast for Language Learners

Podcasts I Currently Listen To

I currently do not have a podcast that I listen to on a regular basis.
I used to listen to Talk to Me in Korean’s podcast when I was just starting to learn Korean.

There are podcast channels I’m checking out every week or on a bi-monthly basis and I will compile those on this page soon.

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