Podcasting About Language-Learning

It’s already the third month that I am working from home and with this I have been very productive creatively with my podcast. I devoted the month of May to share my experiences and thoughts on language-learning. I started by convincing my friends and the Filipino youth that it’s high time for everyone to learnContinue reading “Podcasting About Language-Learning”

Quatro: How I Came to Learn Four Languages from Age Six Until Now

It’s common for Filipinos to know at least three languages especially when one isn’t born and raised in Metro Manila. I was lucky to have been raised in the country side. At age six, I was already using three languages – Pangasinan, Filipino, and English. I have considered these three languages as my primary mediumContinue reading “Quatro: How I Came to Learn Four Languages from Age Six Until Now”

When All of This is Over

We will probably return back to our old lives. And though we are certain that everything will not be the same again, we will try to act as if they were. For me, that means commuting from home to work via public transportation every single day excluding a day or two a week when IContinue reading “When All of This is Over”