6 Things I Learned from 6 Months of Podcasting

Yep! I have been podcasting for six months now.

This is thanks to my current work-from-home arrangement that freed me from four hours of daily commute. While I miss being in a crowd of people from time to time, staying at home 24/7 has allowed me to explore the internet and the world of podcasting.

Six months of doing something might not be very long to most people. In fact, I, myself, did a stunt of creating vlogs last year for about six months and I stopped midway because my drive to create more was much less than my drive to consume.

This time, however, it seemed like I have more heart for creation than consumption.

I still consume different kinds of media, but as much as I can, I try to spend the same amount of time I use for consumption to create or produce content.

I currently have a lot of things on my plate. I have this website (which I have been neglecting for quite a while now and now that I think of it, my writing is starting to suck), two podcasts (one is called Rome is in MNL – my main podcast, and the other is called 별자리 – it’s a Korean ASMR podcast for my fellow language learners), and a YouTube channel (which contains video versions of both my podcasts and some extra content).

But hey, this article is supposed to be about podcasting, you may say.

Yeah, right! I am not even sure if I’m still getting read here. My Medium account surely gets more traffic than this website, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to keep neglecting this website.

I am going to write more soon. I hope. Okay. I will!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested to know about the six things I learned from podcasting, listen to me speak about it here:

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