Podcasting About Language-Learning

It’s already the third month that I am working from home and with this I have been very productive creatively with my podcast.

I devoted the month of May to share my experiences and thoughts on language-learning. I started by convincing my friends and the Filipino youth that it’s high time for everyone to learn languages for a number of reasons – higher earning potential and a deeper or a new perspective of how the world works.

I also shared how to start learning foreign languages by first clarifying one’s purpose, goal, and motivation while also determining one’s time and headspace commitment for learning.

In the most recent episode, I shared how I made sure to have fun and enjoy learning languages using the lens of how we input foreign languages into our brains.

While I am not an expert in languages and I am still a work in progress, I do believe that the techniques that worked for me could also work for other people and so I did my best to articulate my thoughts and share them via podcast.

To listen to my podcast episodes, you may go directly to my podcast channel on Spotify, Google Podcast, or Apple Podcast.

Or you can also listen to the latest episode using the “Podcast” tab on my page.

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