Quatro: How I Came to Learn Four Languages from Age Six Until Now

It’s common for Filipinos to know at least three languages especially when one isn’t born and raised in Metro Manila. I was lucky to have been raised in the country side.

At age six, I was already using three languages – Pangasinan, Filipino, and English. I have considered these three languages as my primary medium for communication and learning from the time I learned how to read and write.

I knew three languages before I went to college.

And after college, I decided to learn a new language – Korean.

I am currently a high-intermediate Korean speaker. This means I have a limited working proficiency with the language while being highly able to socialize on a regular day.

I shared shortly about how I acquired four languages in a podcast episode that was published last month.

The episode was made long before I rebranded the podcast so don’t get confused when you hear me referring to myself as Ando Jun in the episode.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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