When All of This is Over

We will probably return back to our old lives. And though we are certain that everything will not be the same again, we will try to act as if they were.

For me, that means commuting from home to work via public transportation every single day excluding a day or two a week when I feel uneasy using buses or monorail trains. I’d probably go back to spending at least an hour in a coffee shop near my office to calm my thoughts and to officially start the day. I’ll be back to my 9-to-6 office job which I kind of enjoy and I’ll get back to having fun conversations with my team. I’d go to the gym to workout for a bit before I head home. On weekends, I would want to rest but there are duties and responsibilities I would need to attend to. And that’s probably what I’d do.

Right now, I am starting to think that maybe things will be different.

Perhaps I will do things differently. There are lessons to be learned from this quarantine season, I believe. There should be at least one thing and I am still unable to synthesize what it is that is at the back of my mind. I’ll keep searching for it.

One thing I would like to do differently is to enjoy moments.

I would love to enjoy ordinary moments again. One moment of waiting in line to get my cup of coffee. One moment of sitting in silence while reading a book. One moment of being in a busy crowd. I would love to enjoy ordinary moments again. Even those that seem mundane.

What are you planning to do when all of this is over?

How has this time changed you?

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