I Decided to Create My Own Podcast in the Midst of Covid-19

The first case of Covid-19 in the Philippines was announced during the first week of March and it has been increasing slowly. Along with this increase, people started working inside their own homes and also started discovering different hobbies and passions they couldn’t do before. For me, it’s podcasting.

It has already been about three years since I opened my ears to podcasts. The first podcast I ever heard was that of TalktomeinKorean.com, a Korean website providing both free and paid resources for Korean learners.

Since then I have been intrigued at the power of audio. I started studying more about it. I found out about Castbox, Anchor, and 팟빵 (Korean podcast host). These were the only podcast hosting site that I have learned about and it took me three years to finally decide on creating my own content on Anchor.

There are podcasts that teach you languages, social skills, and even mundane things. And there are also podcasts that give commentaries on books, movies, etc. For me, as I didn’t have a niche in mind, I decided to make it all about me at first.

Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

I like learning languages. Right now, I can speak English, Filipino, Korean, and Pangasinan with acceptable fluency. I also learned a bit of German, French, Japanese, and Spanish (although I cannot really go beyond introducing myself and counting things).

I am also fond of personal development and productivity. I have been writing in this category on Medium for some time and writing about this has helped me help myself and others in becoming more accountable for all the actions that we do as an individual and collectively.

It hasn’t been long ago when I started to love storytelling. It’s not something I can say I am good at but I am willing to make time to be good at it.

And so the birth of my podcast channel called “The Ando Jun Show – While I’m Here“. In this channel, I will be sharing about my learnings and thoughts on language learning, personal development, productivity, motivation, and a lot more things while also sharing with it my personal stories, the stories of people who I have met and those I am yet to meet.

Covid-19 might have taken a lot from us and I feel sorry for all the lives that have been lost to it until now. This situation has also given birth to a lot of new things – harmful and beneficial alike.

No matter the instances, what we do with our time lies in our own two hands.

What about you?

What project did you start doing since the quarantine season?

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